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The name you don't have to trust.

Fomo3D is a parody of the cryptocurrency space as a whole, namely the seeming requirement of all ICOs (initial coin offerings) to run off with large amounts of unaccountable cryptocurrency.

This game is ironically and intentionally on a fully open-source smart-contract in which us (the developers) carefully audited and designed the game to never give us access, or the ability to run away with the ethereum.

We have no control of the funds or balance, and it's run entirely without human intervention based on the code! You might have read that before, our work, websites and interfaces are some of the most forked projects in cryptocurrency.

Team JUST (justo, mantso, sumpunk) are the developers of P3D, the first adopted/innovated bonded token model. To this date nearly 342,000 Ethereum in volume that has passed through P3D, including nearly 34,000 ETH in dividends to the community behind it. The mechanics we pioneered have been forked thousands of times, and implemented into multiple full scale massive projects (like EOS, yes we're serious);

Fomo3D is an expansion to that token, we built this project with a full understanding of the volume and security requirements required for handling that much cryptocurrency safely and comfortably; expect Fomo3D to handle jackpots far above that size.

We build decentralized games that autonomously handle lots of money and run forever; it's what we do. You don't need to trust us, read the code and trust that instead.

Exploring More about the Team

Where is the team located?

Team JUST is a completely decentralized and distributed team living around the globe. Members are each anonymous even to one another.

How did the team meet?

They met right on Discord! Every member of the team came into the project as a player and then slowly worked their way up organically contributing. @Justo started this project, and @mantso joined on to form the original core of the team. @sumpunk joined the core later to help build Fomo3D after the release of PoWH3D.

What are their roles?

Each member has a different core role to play. There are four core members: @Justo is the lead game designer, @mantso is the project lead and lead developer, @sumpunk is the web guru. There are many other staff that help out on Discord, provide support and contribute to the community.

Why the name "JUST"?

The term "Just" or "Justed" means to "screw over" as you can see in this meme. The crypto space is undoubtedly filled with ICOs, scams, false promises, and fraudulent projects which have collectively taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting newcomers.

These scammy projects have "justed" (screwed over) many thousands of people out of their money. This team and community seeks to develop projects and an ecosystem which unjusts people by offering trustless projects that never make false promises or rely on flawed human decision making. However, we do so fully aware of the hilarious meme potential of parodying how ridiculous this space can often be.

How does this game work?

Fomo3D is built primarily off a modified bonded-token model. Meaning that all trade interactions, buys, withdraws. ect. Is handled through transactions directly to the contract and a whole load of programming that the miners on the Ethereum network get paid (your gas fees) for running correctly. You don't trade with players, but you are actively running the rules

At all times the contract is holding the Ethereum that you've sent to it, to give the game value, weight, and allow us to code in cool things like dynamically rewarding you dividends, referrals, jackpots, or let you take massive amounts of Ethereum for yourself if you win.

Metamask is an add-on that allows you to interact seamlessly with the interface we built for you, it'll handle things like gas prices, amounts, and put in all the transaction data depending on what you fill in on the UI.

How do you respond to claims this game is a Ponzi scheme?

The problem is that the concept of ponzi schemes is based upon a manipulated set of rules to sustain an illusion run by a human. The human eventually manipulates themselves into a corner, the illusion shatters and people are left without anything. People are confusing the mechanics that are often present in a ponzi to sustain this illusion (referrals, passive income), with the actual action of that human lying to everyone about where the money was.

The smart contract runs many similar rules but simply can't lie. It wont lie about how much ETH is in the contract, or how much eth you can instantly sell your tokens for, and it doesn't lie that you pay 10% to old investors when you buy tokens, and pay 10% to new investors when you sell tokens.

The smart contract is clear, transparent and honest and genuinely works on fairer rules than most cryptocurrency tokens do.