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Fomo3D in a Nutshell

Here's Fomo3D in a nutshell:

With a few cool game mechanics:

Playing the Game

You can start playing anytime by going to the Fomo3D site. In order to play, you'll just need the following:

  1. Metamask setup on your computer and/or TrustWallet on your mobile phone.
  2. Ethereum available in your Metamask Wallet used to purchase keys.
  3. Visit the Fomo3D site and buy some keys!

Check out our setup guide for a step-by-step rundown on everything you need to get going.

Running into any technical issues with Metamask? Please check out our newbie's guide to getting help.

Game Overview

Prefer Video? Check out the official Fomo3D walkthrough by @Lil Stronghands which walks you through how the game works.

This is a game in which the grand prize winner is the last person to purchase a key before the countdown timer runs down to zero.

(Soon version only) Each round of the fast version kicks off with a short 60-second ICO phase, during which all players will be able to buy keys for the same average key price, determined by the total amount of ETH invested during this phase. Once the ICO phase ends, then the normal round begins with the timer set and starting to countdown.

During a round, a timer is constantly counting down to zero. Every time a key is purchased, the buyer becomes the new "holder of the private keys" and additional time is added to the countdown. The price of the keys will now start to get slightly more expensive with each purchase. When the timer reaches zero, the last person to have bought a key wins the round!

At the end of the round, the ETH in the pot is divvied up: the winner receives half of the pot, with the rest split between all F3D players as well as to P3D holders. The specific way the ETH is divided between the F3D participants and the P3D holders depends on which team the winner was representing.

(Long version only) Once the round ends, the game has a 1 hour grace period with transactions sent to the game passing through to your vault and key purchasing is disabled. This lets players realize what happened, and get into position to buy in early on the next round.

To understand the mechanics and incentives of the game, check out Reddit's The Button experiment for insights. Fomo3D is essentially a lottery where the house advantage goes directly to players.

Game Modes

There are two distinct modes of the Fomo3D game: long and soon each with varying rules and gameplay. The modes break down as outlined below.

Shared Ruleset

These rules are true in both game modes:

The Long Con: Fomo3D Long

F3D Long is the flagship game mode, designed to encompass rounds that last days/weeks/months.

The Quick Scam: Fomo3D Soon

F3D Soon is the speed game mode, designed to encompass rounds that last hours or days.

For more details, check out our Fomo Soon Mode page.

The Teams

In Fomo3D, there are four major teams that players can associate themselves with.

Every time you purchase an additional key(s), you can select one of these four teams. The team you select represents both how you want your key buy-in price split up as well as the pot distribution if you win the round once the timer runs out. In particular, each team is explained below:

At the end of a round, after the countdown timer drops to zero, the winning team determines specifically how the ETH is distributed between the winner, all F3D players from this round, all P3D holders, and the remainder is left over for the next round. The winning team is the one selected during the purchase of the very last key in the round.

Choosing your Team

Here are few ways to decide which team you want to pick at any given point when purchasing keys:

Keep in mind that you are free to select a different team each time you purchase a new key.

Percentage Breakdowns

During the round, the team you select determines how the ETH you spend on keys is divvied up in the game:

Team Pot F3D Players P3D Holders
Snek 20% 56% 10%
Bull 35% 43% 8%
Whale 50% 30% 6%
Bear 43% 43% 0%

This table distributes the majority of the incoming ETH from keys bought. The remaining ETH is always distributed: 10% to player's referrer (or to all P3D holders if no referral), 2% to the community fund (see more), 1% to pot swap, and 1% to the airdrop side-pot.

Let's take an example for clarity: suppose the "Active Pot" was at 100ETH when you bought in and you purchase 10 ETH worth of keys and chose Team Bull. Since you chose Team Bull, 35% of your ETH (3.5 ETH) is sent to the pot, 43% of your ETH (4.3 ETH) goes to other F3D players, and 8% of your ETH (0.8 ETH) goes to P3D holders.

To understand how teams affect the pot distribution, check the Pot Distribution section below.

Pot Distribution

As explained above, at the end of each round, the ETH pot labeled as "Active Pot" is distributed between many parties. The exact pot distribution breakdown is always as follows:

The remaining 50% is distributed based on the winner's final team selection, with the following distribution possible:

Team Next Round F3D Players P3D Holders
Snek 10% 20% 20%
Bull 10% 30% 10%
Whale 25% 15% 10%
Bear 25% 25% 0%

Let's take an example for clarity: suppose the "Active Pot" was at 100ETH when the final key was purchased before the timer reaches zero and the winner chose Team Bull. The winner would receive 48% of the pot (48 ETH) directly into their vault. Since the winner chose Team Bull, 10% of the pot's ETH (10 ETH) is kept for the next round, 30% of the pot's ETH (30 ETH) goes to other F3D players, and 10% of the pot's ETH (10 ETH) goes to P3D holders.

P3D Holder Benefits

Fomo3D directly benefits all P3D holders by paying out dividends to all holders each time a key is purchased and also every time that a round ends (unless Team Bear wins). The amount of the total pot that is paid out as dividends is determined by the team that wins. If you'd like to maximize the dividends to P3D holders, then you would want to play on Team Snek.

To benefit as others play F3D, you just need to be holding P3D tokens:

  1. Purchase P3D tokens, the higher the share of tokens you hold, the more dividends you earn.
  2. Each time a new key is purchased, all P3D holders receive a portion of the sale as dividends.
  3. At the end of every round, all P3D holders also receive a portion of the pot as dividends proportionate to the % of P3D tokens held.

For more information on purchasing P3D tokens, check out our Getting Started guide.

Referrals and Vanity

The Fomo3D referral system is called the "Advisory Board". To join the advisory board, click the "Vanity Name" link at the top and then pick a nickname for yourself. Joining the board costs 0.01ETH which is contributed to the "community fund" and distributed to developers and community staff. Note that you must register a vanity name to receive referral rewards ("Bad Advice") in your vault.

This name will show up on the leaderboard, and at the top if you are the current holder of the private keys. Your vanity name is also included in the referral URL you share with others. Your names, your player ID and your wallet address will all work for referrals (i.e<id/address/name>).

Once you are an advisor, you can copy your referral link from the "Vanity and Referrals Tab" and share that with friends or members from other discords. You will earn 10% of all the ETH put into the game by anyone that joins F3D through your link. This referral fee is paid to you for everyone you refer for all of their buys and reinvests. And this is all at no cost to them.

In F3D, referral links used by players are stored within the smart contract itself meaning that you will receive the referral fee for buys from all players you referred even across browsers or different computers ensuring that those marketing the game can receive substantial residual income over time from players. Essentially, FOMO3D referrals are super-sticky. You will continue to receive referral rewards from someone up until the point they purchase using someone else's referral link.

In the event that a player purchases keys without using a referral code and has never used a referral code previously, then that referral fee is instead paid as dividends to P3D holders!

Random Airdrops

When purchasing keys in the "Purchase" tab, you'll notice some text alerting you to the chance of an "airdrop". For example, the text might read: "5% chance to receive a 1 ETH Airdrop with your next purchase!"

1% of all incoming ETH goes into an airdrop side-pot. Each time you purchase keys, you have a % chance of receiving a portion of the airdrop side-pot ETH siphoned directly into your vault. The global chance of receiving an airdrop starts at 0% and increases by 0.1% for every key order (or purchase) over 0.01 ETH.

(Note, if you win an airdrop you are receiving ETH directly to your vault, and not extra keys).

Once your purchase transaction completes on the blockchain, you'll be alerted if the airdrop multiplier was successful on your purchase.

If you win an airdrop, the amount of the airdrop-pot you get depends on how much ETH you risked to win the airdrop chance:

Be aware that you are competing with other players to receive these airdrops. Once any player receives the airdrop, the chance for everyone resets!

Rules of the Game

The rules of this game are simple:

  1. (Soon version only) Rounds begin with a short ICO phase, during which all players will be able to buy keys for the same average key price, determined by the total amount of ETH invested during this phase.
  2. Once the round begins, purchase one or more keys using ETH which immediately makes you the "private key owner" until another person takes the keys from you.
  3. Every key purchased updates the time on the countdown clock and very slightly increases the key price.
  4. Each time a new key is purchased, all key holders receive a portion of that sale proportionate to the number of keys held.
  5. You can recruit other participants to the game and will receive a 10% cut of every key they purchase, at no cost to them!
  6. The round officially ends when the countdown clock reaches zero. The last player to have purchased a key before the timer reaches zero becomes the winner. The last team selected by the winner before the timer runs out becomes the winning team.
  7. At the end of the round, the ETH active pot is distributed between several parties with the winner receiving half, and the rest of the players each receiving a share of the pot proportional to the number of keys they held. In addition, a percentage of the pot is paid to P3D holders as dividends. The specific split of the pot (who gets what) is determined by the team selected by the winner when purchasing their last key.
  8. (Long version only) Before a new round, there is a 1-hour grace period in which key purchases are disabled and any ETH sent to the contract is routed directly to your vault.
  9. Once the keys are sold and the pot has been fully distributed, a new scam (round) begins anew! Keep in mind that a portion of the pot is withheld to help kick off the next round.
  10. All the ETH you earn when a round ends as a winner or a player is then stored for you in "The Vault". Referral rewards ("Bad advice") are also stored in the vault. You can withdraw ETH from the vault anytime to your Metamask wallet.

Please note that only purchasing 1 or more keys will mark you as the current private key holder otherwise you will still receive dividends but will not have a chance to drain the contract.

Term Glossary

Fomo3D uses several terms in a humorous sense as part of the game. Let's define those terms now to reduce confusion:

Please keep these terms in mind when reading the rest of this guide.

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P3D/F3D Ecosystem

F3D leverages a "big red button" which allows a percentage of incoming funds to the contract to be distributed to P3D holders as dividends. These funds sent to P3D are then disbursed by activating the bridge contract (through a button).

This contract is what we refer to in the P3D ecosphere as a bridge. This acts as a way to add external dividends to P3D from any other Dapps. If you are a Dapp developer and would like access to the massive marketing power of the P3D community, check out our libraries guide here and/or talk to @Justo_Bot on Discord about access to an SDK and more information about integrating this into your Dapp. You can also contact us via email at

Don't forget that the P3D community is the largest and most powerful group of marketers in the Dapp community. The biggest strength of integrating the big red button into your Dapps is that by providing a tiny portion of divs to P3D holders, you are now able to get the support of the P3D community for your Dapp and they'll happily advertise for you.

Interested in learning how to make your own distributed blockchain apps? Anyone can learn if they are willing to put enough time and energy! Check out our introduction to Dapp development for a great starting point and links to resources.

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