Fomo Quick Mode


In addition to Fomo3D long mode, there is a new mode called Fomo Soon intended for shorter and more rapid-fire gameplay. This page provides a brief overview of the new mode. You can find the contract and code for short here.

Looking for a translation of this page? 猛戳这里查看中文官方介绍! Or the french version here.

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Game Rules

The short game was re-written with a revised contract resolving all known issues with airdrops. The game will have the following rules below that are distinctly different from the long mode:

  1. The game will be launched fresh, from a new contract. This game is fully and completely intended to be played for the prize, not for dividends, and our math cannot predict the result.
  2. The game will run with a 5-minute timer, someone can always win, at all times. Any keys purchased put the timer at 5 minutes.
  3. The ICO phase will be 60 seconds, it's not designed to be an early investment, just to make everyone who tries to get on first be forced to stay on the same starting ground. You can join after this timer and not feel bad about the early entry.
  4. Aggressive key scaling, VERY aggressive. Expect the game to be a very stressful competition between one another for the final prize. We cannot estimate how high it will go.
  5. Airdrops are fully working, all issues have been patched. Transactions above .1 eth are eligible for 25%, 1 eth for 50% and 10 eth for 75%.

We have plans to use the older short contract and its 1k ETH for something you will all love. But if we released that game it would end instantly, and you would lose all of your Ethereum. It was not intended for the scale of our audience and that's not something we would subject you to.

You can find the contract for the Soon game here. Please check the complete Fomo rules on the Fomo3D Explained page.

Activating your Vanity URL

If you want to activate your reflink, you can either buy a key or you'll need to go to the playerbook contract.

Click on the "connect with metamask" link and execute the function addMeToGame with game ID of 5 by clicking on the “Write” button and confirming the tx through Metamask.

Jump In

If you are interested in getting into a round of Fomo Soon, check out the game page here and jump in! In order to play, you'll just need the following:

  1. Metamask setup on your computer and/or TrustWallet on your mobile phone.
  2. Ethereum available in your Metamask Wallet used to purchase keys.
  3. Visit the Fomo3D Soon site and buy some keys.
  4. Refer others using your vanity link to get referrals!

Check out our setup guide for a step-by-step rundown on everything you need to get going.

Understanding the ICO Phase

To make it clear how the ICO works so you can fully understand:

  1. Eth sent to the ICO is tallied up
  2. It is determined, using the same key scaling algorithm, how many keys can be bought with this eth.
  3. Everyone in the ICO gets keys as if they purchased keys at this average value. (Total ICO ETH / Total ICO Keys).

The ICO is an equalizer, all players who managed a transaction started on the exact same level, instead of the quickest ones getting a massive advantage. This will happen again for 60 seconds as soon as this round ends.