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Fomo3D Quick-Start Guide

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Looking for a translation? We have several translated versions of this guide here. You can find our Mandarin guide here!

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Start Playing Now

You can start playing anytime by going to the Fomo3D site. In order to play, you'll just need the following:

  1. Metamask setup on your computer and/or TrustWallet on your mobile phone.
  2. Ethereum available in your Metamask Wallet used to purchase keys.
  3. Visit the Fomo3D site and buy some keys.

Check out our setup guide for a step-by-step rundown on everything you need to get going.

The Game

Prefer Video? Check out the official Fomo3D walkthrough by @Lil Stronghands which walks you through how the game works.

Fomo3D is a decentralized, trustless blockchain game running directly on the Ethereum network. Here are the basics of how Fomo3D works:

With a few cool added game mechanics:

For a more detailed rundown, check out the Rules of the Game section.

Game Modes

Fomo3D is split up into two separate games each designed with custom rulesets to generate different experiences, volumes, and different scales of jackpots: long and quick. Long is launching first, and then quick will be launched at a later date.

Notable differences include that long does not have an ICO phase, uses different timer durations, and has a totally different key price scaling model than the quick mode. Quick mode details can be found here. For full details, check out the Game Modes section.

Learn More!

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or you can check out the in-depth explainer guide.

Magic Blockchain Technology:

Fomo3D is a decentralized application (Dapp) running on the Ethereum exit-scam network. The game consists of a smart contract (an autonomous program on the Ethereum network) carefully programmed and deployed so that we as developers have no influence or impact upon the game, the Ethereum in the contract, or advantages thereof. The application itself is completely trustless, will run until the Ethereum network dies and no matter how tantalizingly large the pot gets, will only be paid out according to the game rules.

This means that to successfully experience the glory of running away with a giant wallet of Ethereum, or cursing the name of thine enemies as they attempt to do the same, You need Metamask or a compatible Ethereum wallet with a bit of eth in it to send to Metamask so you can suffer along with us!

To learn more about how trustless blockchain technology powers Fomo3D and the team behind this project, check out our Team JUST page.

Understanding Blockchain Games

The core functionality of this game is entirely powered only by a deployed open-source Ethereum smart contract. Smart contracts are immutable and this means there is no one who has access to these funds but this autonomous program. You can see the full source code for the contract managing this exchange at any time.

This specifics of interacting with a blockchain game may surprise you at first. This section tries to lay out the important things to understand:

  1. Smart contracts require a transaction to be sent for every action taken. All actions on the site including buying keys, withdrawing from your vault, picking a vanity name, etc, require an ETH transaction to be sent using Metamask or similar. Actions that do not involve buying, such as withdrawing your existing vault funds, will send 0 Ether transactions to the network instead (with GAS which costs Ether, make sure you account for this!). This is why you see so many "0" ether transactions here.
  2. The Fomo3D smart contract manages all the funds for this exchange. However, accessing secure smart contract data can be a bit slow at times under high load which is why the game front-end site often may feel sluggish. You can always use backup sites to perform all the same functionality.

If you have any other questions about the exchange or smart contract, jump into the official Team JUST discord chat and use the #helpdesk!


Have feedback or want to reach out? Ping @Cryptoknight on the Team Just Discord or email me at You can also reach out the core developer shared account at